2018 Chilly Willy Updates

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Hello Everyone,
We are looking forward to many of you coming to Tech Day at Tucson Speedway on Sunday 1/21/18 in an effort to reduce the wait times in line at the Chilly Willy event.
Please note the additional items below to help you get prepared for this event and the new season.
1.  Shelly will be accepting NASCAR Membership forms on Sunday 1/21/18 to expedite registration.  If you have received the NASCAR forms in the mail you can complete the form and bring them to her at the track.  She will have forms available for Drivers and Crew renewing or for any new 2018 members.
2.  You need to complete a new W-9 form for the 2018 race season.  If you have not already done so please complete the form and bring it with you to the track. https://tucsonspeedway.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/W-9-Blank-2018.pdf
3.  SUPER LATE MODELS – For those of you who have pre-registered for the Chilly Willy 150 you may purchase 1 SET (4 tires) of Hoosier F80 practice tireson Sunday 1/21/18.  These 4 tires will count toward the 16 tire allotment for the Chilly Willy weekend of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  For those of you who have not registered, you may do so anytime between now and on Sunday in order to get your 1 set of practice tires.
4.  MODIFIEDS – For those of you who have pre-registered for the Chilly Willy Modified Event you may purchase your 6 allotted Towel City tires for the beginning of the 2018 season on Sunday 1/21/18.  For those of you who have not registered, you may do so anytime between now and on Sunday in order to get your tires.
5.  Modifieds will be allowed to practice on Thursday, 1/25/18 but each person will have to purchase a pit pass at the gate since the entry fees on the form only included 2 days of pit entry (Friday and Saturday) to the track.  If you were pre-entered, we will honor the pre-entry prices.
6.  Tire Barn Pricing:
        Hoosier F80 – $142 each
        Towel City Retread – $105 each
        Mounting – $10 each tire
        110 Racing Fuel – $9 per gallon or $440 per drum (55 gal)
        Drum Deposit – $35 will be charged if you take the drum to your pit area will be refunded when the barrel is returned.
        Nitrogen – $15 per bottle with exchange
        Bottle Deposit – $250 will be charged without an exchange bottle and will be refunded when the bottle is returned.
7.  ONLY Pre-Entered/Registered participants will be allowed to enter the pit area to park their vehicles on Wednesday 1/24/18.  All other participants will have to wait outside the main pit gate entrance to register and park on Thursday morning 1/25/18.
You may complete the W-9 or registration form and fax or e-mail them to Shelly at 520-762-1609 Fax / shellymcgriff@aol.com .  We must have ORIGINAL NASCAR Forms to submit for memberships.  We are looking forward to a great event.
We will be hosting a go kart race at the dirt track at Tucson Speedway on Sunday January 28th – Bring your karts!  There will be prizes, a purse, music, grudge matches, and a lot of fun!.  The following will be in attendance: Rod Wood ( El Perro Loco) Monster Truck driver, Matt DeYoung from Tucson Dragway, Jeff Alut Drag boat racer .
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Chilly Willy!
Best Regards,
Brad Corneliusen
Tucson Speedway

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  1. Sandra Kephart says :Reply

    How much r pit pass for all three days??

    1. Tucsonspeedway says :Reply

      $120- $40 each day

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