John Lashley’s Tucson Speedway News- November 5, 2017

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We have quite a few candidates for the Race Director position—including this guy who has been around “forever” and is so big deal no one with give him any S%$! about racing calls or schedules. Mr Dino says that if racers fail post race tech- driver and car will be eaten.  We like his attitude!!!
Stay tuned for Ms. Rene (LM7 & Outlaw wannabe) and news from Hooters Eastside on a Pre-Race party on Wednesday, Nov 22.
We will post a version of the 2018 schedule next week—the dates are almost firm (like Larry Leetch) but the racing division are subject to change.
Lastly—we will change the name of the TRUCK DIVISION for 2018—you can send in your proposed names to Dave on Facebook( Previously the trucks have been SPEED; SOUTHWEST TOUR; ASA SPEED; & TECH TRUCKS. So they will change from PRO TRUCKS to???  Let’s find something snappy to name them please!

John Lashley

3 Comments to “ John Lashley’s Tucson Speedway News- November 5, 2017”

  1. Garett says :Reply

    I would leave it named pro trucks. If a change must be made then I would go with southwest protrucks.

  2. rick Bork says :Reply

    I left a comment on Tucson Speedway’s Facebook page about this and they said to type it up in the blog and see if there is interest in this. A track back home started doing “Pop Up Races” they are for their four banger cars and the guys and gals are having a blast with it and they have 5 races. So I was thinking this would be great for Tucson Speedway’s Bombers and Hornets. So, I brought it up and they seem to think it would be a good idea. So I want to present this to the racers to see what they think. Tucson Speedway would go on their Facebook page and say the morning of or the night before and say attention all Hornets and Bombers pop Up Race #1 is Saturday at 5 pm gates open at 2 hot laps at 3 qualifying at 4 or however they want to set it up. Drivers pay 20 bucks to get into the pits. Crews are 10 bucks each for the pits. The Stands are 5 bucks. Just to keep it cheap and fun. So the cars in each division run the track rules set up for the regular season. The races are all run inverted slowest on the pole fastest in the back outside. They would have a 4 car dash winner gets a trophy. Then they would run heats up to 8 cars in the heat winner gets a trophy. After that would be an Australian Pursuit race. What this is for those that don’t know up to 10 cars single file line to start. slowest on the pole fastest the last car. if the car behind you passes you bumper to bumper you are out of the race. If the fastest passes all 9 cars say on lap 5 the race is over. The winner gets a trophy. Then the feature would be let’s say 30 laps or whatever the track sets. Remember the driver paying 20 bucks to get in? half of that 20 goes to the track the other half goes in a pot. Whoever wins the race gets the pot and a trophy. Now to make everything thing fair you could have a claimer rule where someone puts up the money to claim a car and gets to race it at the next pop up race. But after the 5th race the car goes back to the original owner. Or if the drivers want to switch cars each race they can. Now the other 4 races would be decided by the track they could say on Monday we are racing on Tuesday at 7. it would be a surprise when they next race would be. I hate to see the racing season end and I think the drivers would have a blast racing for no points and just fun. What do you think?

  3. Scott Witz says :Reply

    Call it the Supertruck Series like when the truck series was originally called.

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