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TUCSON SPEEDWAY has a lot to give “thanks” for.  First, we are thankful for all those men and women that protect America and allow us freedoms that are unique in this world of 180 nations. Self expression is just one of the many freedoms that we enjoy.  The competitive nature of most Americans can be found every weekend in sporting fields across our country.  We appreciate the over 200 families and racers that have the freedom to choose to race stock cars at Tucson Speedway.  The Racing family has grown over the past 5 years in Tucson—and whether the participant is changing tires, driving a car, cleaning the track or cooking burgers, we all come together about 35 times a year to express ourselves in a sport that we find rewarding, and put on a show for friends and family, and “new friends” that we hope will also enjoy this sport and the people that make it all happen.
To each of you, we would like to express our gratitude for a memorable year of first-rate competition and friendship.
John & Dawn

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