Tucson Speedway Update- November 3, 2017

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HI RACE FANS—-just a quick blog update on track happenings:
the 2017 TUCSON SPEEDWAY track season is over—congratulations to the winners—we will celebrate your achievement at our TUCSON SPEEDWAY NASCAR BANQUET on January 13 at the Desert Diamond Casino.  All racers know how tough it is to win a championship and how much time and effort is involved.
this weekend, LARRY H  MILLER DODGE is a prime sponsor of the COPS & RODDERS car show at Kino Stadium and TUCSON SPEEDWAY K&N race car will be there, and SRE Engines will have the Bill Engle  #69 Modified on display.  they will be giving out discount coupons  and flyers for the November 25 TURKEY SHOOT and KING OF THE HILL RACE
LARRY MILLER DODGE will have $5 discount coupons for the 2018 season available—stop in a buy a Dodge truck to haul the race car and get a coupon!!.  Rick Wamsley is our friend at the Dodge store.
we look forward to the return of the MOPAR car club in 2018.
CIRCLE K gas stations are now an easy location to get those $5 discounts for 2018 races—at this time the stores SOUTH OF RIVER ROAD have the coupons on the counters or in the stand up display.  there are 118 CIRCLE K stores SOUTH OF RIVER ROAD—so no excuse.  we hope to infiltrate those stores to the FROZEN NORTH early in 2018. stop in for gas and a soda and thank the managers for carrying our coupons—it is an option for those store managers so tell them you appreciate their effort!!
we hope you saw the OUTLAW LATE MODELS at the track last weekend—they have a distinctive shape and are FAST.  thanks to Hershel McGriff and Brandon Schilling for building 2 examples of what this class of cars can look like.  pictures are on facebook of the build process and finished cars.  this OUTLAW body will allow our race teams to repair body damage at a much reduced cost instead of buying commercial fenders and doors.  it also will allow (subject to the rule measurements) for each race team to have a look that is distinctive and unique.  this division will appeal to the fans and not “look” like a super late models.
we also want to thank the tireless efforts of our Race Director Tim Rominger for helping with the builds and working to insure that future cars—new or re-builds– have adequate measurements and direction so that they will comply with our rules
TUCSON SPEEDWAY will have the annual car owner, driver and crew chief meeting on December 2, Saturday, at the track under the tent, from 1-430.  this meeting will discuss new rules, or changes to existing rules for 2018.  we will not go over the existing rules item by item.  they have worked for over 2 years and  will remain as stated unless there is a good reason—and race teams agreement—to change.
if race teams cannot be represented at the meeting, you can still email questions or proposed changes to:
brad@tucsonspeedway.com  john@tucsonspeedway.com  shellymcgriff@aol.com and that email will be read and discussed.  we may not change or implement new rules at this meeting if they require additional investigation—that will be a track tech. decision, but we will respond to each proposed change through an email.  final changes will be red-lined on the published rules so they stand out.  as always, and at every track—it is the responsibility of the driver to comply with all the track rules—and rules may be enforced at any time.

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